Osteopath in Amsterdam

Sander Sprong Osteopathy

Are you looking for an osteopath in Amsterdam for your baby, your child or for yourself? Sander Sprong is at your service.

What does an Osteopath do?

An osteopath sees the body as one whole. This holistic approach allows the osteopath to find the cause of your complaint. Through massages and manipulation of the muscles, joints and tissues, an osteopath will be able to reduce or completely eliminate symptoms. That is the power of osteopathy.

About me

Sander Sprong graduated from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 1996 with a degree in physical therapy. He has worked as a physical therapist in several countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and England. After returning to the Netherlands, he felt the urge to further develop his knowledge and skills. Despite his years of experience and attending continuing education, he continued to strive for more expertise in examining and treating people with complaints.


Made an appointment online last night on the advice of an acquaintance and was able to visit as early as this morning. I had significant lower back pain with radiations to my neck and buttocks. This is thankfully many times less now. Friendly man clearly knowledgeable. Pleasant method of treatment! I will definitely come back again and would like to thank Sander very much and recommend him to everyone!


After just one treatment my back pain was much less and after two treatments I was completely rid of my back pain that I had been struggling with for months. Very friendly man and explains well what he is doing. Can recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much!


The treatments have been contributing to some life changing improvements on several aspects such as: digestion, sleep, general pain issues, concentration, focus and restored high energy levels for an extensive period of time after the treatment.Highly recommended.


After delivery, my son was incredibly restless, which brought us to visit Sander. We are extremely glad we did, already after the first appointment our little son seemed a lot calmer. He had tension in his and neck and tension around his little stomach. We went a total of 3 times and each week he got a little better!


I came to Sander for neck and back pain, which disappeared after a few treatments. I now go on a regular basis and am very satisfied. Whatever the complaint, Sander knows exactly what approach is required to help you get rid of it! Pleasant and clear way of treatment, can recommend it to everyone.