Osteopathy in pregnancy

Physical complaints may arise during pregnancy, where treatment by an osteopath can provide relief.

Pregnancy is a unique phase in which the female body undergoes significant changes, including weight gain and a change in weight distribution that can put a strain on organs, bones, muscles and joints. These changes can cause symptoms or worsen existing ones, especially if there was already a “weak back” or labored digestion before pregnancy, for example.

What can the osteopath do for pregnancy symptoms?

Using osteopathy for complaints around pregnancy can be very helpful.

During an initial treatment, the cause of the symptoms will be examined. Does it lie in limited mobility of a vertebra, the pelvis or the sacrum? Another cause of pregnancy symptoms may be decreased mobility of the region of the diaphragm and chest.

Through gentle mobilization techniques, the osteopath can restore the loss of range of motion so that symptoms are reduced or disappear altogether.

On average, osteopathy in pregnancy requires about 4 treatments to relieve the symptoms .

Complaints in pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring with it many different symptoms. Is the complaint of your pregnancy not listed? Or do you have questions about osteopathy options for your pregnancy?

If so, contact Sander to discuss the possibilities.