Intake and follow-up treatment adult

60 minutes

Treatment baby and child up to 12 years old

60 minutes

Follow-up baby and child treatment

60 minutes

Short consultation

Only after consultation

30 minutes

At Sander Sprong Osteopathy, you can pay in cash or in arrears by bank transfer, but PIN payment is preferred.

The invoice will be sent to you by email (in pdf) so that you can, if possible, claim directly to your insurer digitally.

Reimbursement health insurance companies

Most health insurance companies reimburse a treatment of the osteopath in whole or in part. This of course depends on the insurer and the policy taken out.


The so-called “compulsory excess” (in 2023 and 2024 to a maximum of €385 on an annual basis) only applies to medical expenses covered by the basic insurance. Osteopathy is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance and therefore does not count towards this excess.Of course, there may be a deductible that you yourself have determined when entering into the supplementary policy, see your policy conditions.

Sander Sprong is an osteopath affiliated with the NVO (Dutch Association for Osteopathy) and registered with the NRO (Dutch Register for Osteopathy).
As such, treatments are fully or partially reimbursed by all insurers, provided osteopathy is included in the policy.
For treatment at the osteopath, you do not need a referral from a general practitioner or medical specialist.

Below is an overview of the different insurers, their policies and the corresponding reimbursement for a treatment of osteopathy. Although this list is carefully compiled annually by the Dutch Association for Osteopathy (NVO), it is best to contact your insurer to inquire about the amount of reimbursement in your policy.

* Source: Website Dutch Society for Osteopathy (NVO)