Treatments osteopathy

After you have made an appointment for yourself or your child, you will receive a confirmation by email. In this message you will find a link to your own page. Here you can enter personal information.

In addition, you will find an intake form to fill out. This form is contains questions regarding the complaint, any past illnesses, bone fractures, surgeries or other relevant information regarding your health and daily functioning.

During the initial consultation, in preparation for the examination, the osteopath will first go over this intake form with you.


Next, the examination will take place: in your underwear, the osteopath will examine you standing, sitting and, for the most part, lying on the treatment table. In the case of your child, the examination will be modified to be as pleasant as possible for your child.

These examinations focus on musculoskeletal, organ and craniosacral mobility.


The examination is followed by treatment, in which the movement restrictions found to be important during the examination are reduced or eliminated.

The examination and treatment take place exclusively with the hands, no machines or devices are used by the osteopath.

The entirety of conversation, examination and treatment will take an hour the first time. The follow-up treatments take about three-quarters to an hour for adults, and half an hour to three-quarters of an hour for a child.