Sander Sprong

Sander Sprong, osteopath in Amsterdam

Sander Sprong graduated from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 1996 with a degree in physical therapy. He has worked as a physical therapist in several countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and England. After returning to the Netherlands, he felt the urge to further develop his knowledge and skills. Despite his years of experience and attending continuing education, he continued to strive for more expertise in examining and treating people with complaints.

Osteopathy as deepening

Osteopathy was for Sander Sprong the thing in which he found the depth he was looking for. An osteopath sees the body as one whole. For Sander, this was a logical concept. This is because the body consists not only of the musculoskeletal system, but also an organ and nervous system. The cohesion of these three systems allows us to function as human beings. The ability to involve all of these systems in research and treatment makes osteopathy valuable to Sander.

Sander took the six-year course in osteopathy at College Sutherland in Amsterdam. In February 2011, Sander Sprong opened the doors of his own practice in Amsterdam. He is a member of the professional associations NVO (Dutch Association for Osteopathy) and registered with the NRO (Dutch Register for Osteopathy).

In addition to his work with adults, Sander specialized in treating infants and children, after completing the two-year course “Osteopathy in Children” at Panta Rhei. As a father, he has personally experienced what it is like to deal with a crying baby, which adds value to his work with young patients.

An active osteopath in Amsterdam, Sander recently attended a new continuing education course on integrated techniques, further deepening his expertise in examining and treating babies, children and adults alike.